Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Manicure

I do not have anything like the beautiful dress Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge wore today:

So instead I wore a gray dress with a peeping green shirt.  I paired it with a green and gold manicure. I used the following colors:

Green base: "Scenery Greenery" from the Finger Paints brand sold at Sally's Beauty Supply
Gold base for the index finger: OPI's "Bling Dynasty" from the 2010 Hong Kong collection
Green Glitter over the green base: Zoya's Ivanka
Gold Glitter for the index finger: China Glaze's Blonde Bombshell from the eye candy 2011 collection
The green tip on the index finger was done with a single coat of "Ivanka" but the green base could have been used to make it darker.

Here is the final product:

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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